Exhibition ’30 years art evolution’– Gregory Dubus

To celebrate his 30th artist anniversary, the French artist Gregory Dubus who is specialized in Geometric abstraction and who recently got awarded the prestigious ‘Michel Angelo International Art prize’ organizes a museum quality art exhibition in collaboration with the ‘Bos Fine Art’ gallery.

Attending this atypic and major event is a special opportunity to enjoy a unique and free art experience by discovering more than 100 of his artworks selected from 1992 until today and by learning about his artistic evolution and the unique art concepts that has developed through these years like:

Folder Art : Use of cardboard sleeves (Folders) as a support for the creation of his works.
Coloring Art : Use of coloring as an artistic technique in its own right to make his drawings and paintings.
Triangle Art : Praise to ‘Triangles’ by using mainly or only of this geometric shape when creating its architectural structures and compositions.
Evolution Art : Concept that he develops with the aim to completely transform his works produced previously and thus leads to a reflection on the recycling of a work of art and on its parenthood.

Analyzing these complex architectural compositions requires time, patience, and effort to discover their full richness. In this, they are an invitation to an emotional journey giving the opportunity to the observer to achieve a state of relaxation and inner peace, as is the case when the artist paints.

These works are also a representation of his personality which is composed of a duality of ambivalent concepts that he tries to make coexist in harmony: Spontaneity and planning; Consciousness and unconsciousness; Simplicity and complexity; Distance and proximity; Monotony and diversity ...

You are invited to attend the vernissage on October 02nd from 5pm to 7pm where you will have an opportunity to meet the artist.

Location : Korte Vijverberg 2 in Den Haag (Next to the Mauritshuis museum).

Dates : From October 01st to November 07th (Each Thursday to Sunday)

Artist internet site : www.gregorydubus.com